Nørdstedalseter lies uppermost in Fortunsdalen in Breheimen, which adjoins Jotunheimen. In summer, you can drive all the way to the lodge after a splendid car tour up from Sognefjorden. The lodge has an intimate, cozy ambience and is a node in the routes between Jotunheimen and Breheimen.


The lodge is open for three weeks at Easter as well as in summer. In the off season during the rest of the year, it offers self-service lodging, available by using the DNT cabin key.

Extended stays of two days or more may be booked directly at the lodge in season (board and lodging prices for stays of three or more days). In off season, contact the hosts to book stays.

Local food is part of the experience:

The lodge serves local cuisine, based on local ingredients and traditions or on foods supplied by local vendors. DNT works with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to promote local cuisines and traditions at the staffed lodges.

Summer access:

 In summer, there's a road (no barrier) all the way to the lodge. From Oslo, you can take Nor-Way bus 170 to Sogndal and change there to bus 14-155 to Fortun. From Fortun, you can take a taxi or walk in.

Winter access: 

By bus or car to Sota Sæter. At Easter, there's a DNT charter bus from Oslo to Sota Sæter. From Sota Sæter, there's a 27 km staked route to the lodge. There also are staked routes from Turtagrø and from Krossbu/Sognefjellshytta. You can take a bus from Oslo or Bergen via Sogndal to Fortun, and from there, a taxi on to Turtagrø.